Trust the Roof Over Your Head

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Your business is your livelihood. You can't afford to let a leaky or faulty roof cost you a fortune in repairs. At ProCrafters Roofing, we offer commercial roof replacement and repairs you can trust to stand the test of time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for commercial roofing services in Cedar Falls, Marshalltown, Waterloo & Allison, IA.

We specialize in energy-efficient EPDM roofing replacement services. Our crew has extensive knowledge and experience to complete your installation with very little disruption to your busy schedule. Call us today at 319-826-8116 to let a professional inspect your commercial roof in Cedar Falls, Marshalltown, Waterloo & Allison, IA.

Why is EPDM the gold standard in flat commercial roofing?

EPDM rubber roofing is trusted throughout the country for its extreme value and performance benefits. Choose an EPDM roof replacement with us to take advantage of:

  • One of the best return on investment in the industry
  • Superior UV and thermal shock resistance
  • Extreme durability and insulation



EPDM can stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions with ease. We offer black or white options for varying insulation and cost. Ask us about our commercial roof coating services for added protection and longevity in the Cedar Falls, Marshalltown, Waterloo & Bristow, IA areas.



Discover another option for your roof

As part of our roof installation services, we can also install an open metal valley with your shingles. Our team will install a sheet of metal to the roof deck, then install the shingles and cut them back where they overlap with the metal. This way, water can flow off your roof freely. You can also get the metal painted any color you want to complement your shingles.

If you're considering impact-resistant roofing, let a roofer help you weigh the pros and cons of your choice. Reach out to ProCrafters Roofing today to make a roof installation appointment in Cedar Falls, Marshalltown, Waterloo & Bristow, IA.