Ask us about steel shingles for roofing in Cedar Falls, Marshalltown, Waterloo & Allison, IA

Do you want the structural integrity of metal roofing, but the texture and beauty of shingle? EDCO steel shingles are a breakthrough in roofing material technology. Reach out to ProCrafters Roofing to discuss your steel shingle roofing options in the Cedar Falls, Marshalltown, Waterloo & Allison, IA area.

Protect your home with decades of engineering innovation. Call 319-826-8116 today for an estimate on steel shingles in Cedar Falls, Marshalltown, Waterloo & Allison, IA.

What are the major benefits of EDCO steel shingle roofing?

Our steel shingle roofing system from EDCO offers incredible protection at a surprisingly affordable price. Choose steel shingles to benefit from:

  • Locking seals on all four sides of each shingle
  • Class-4 hail protection
  • Lifetime product warranties
  • PVDF finishes for effective energy conservation
  • 100% recycled materials

Steel shingles won't catch fire and won't allow mold or fungal growth. They'll resist chipping, cracking and peeling. Breathe easy knowing your roofing system is virtually maintenance free and built to last a lifetime. Contact ProCrafters Roofing today to find out if EDCO steel shingles are right for you.